Dari Lensa Dita

Ini page khusus foto2 hasil jepretan saya. Beberapa ada yang diedit, ada juga yang non-edit. Silahkan diliat - liat. Bahkan komen juga dipersilakan...Terimakasih :)



ISO : 400
Apperture : 4.2
Exp. time : 1/60 s
*edited: b/c

This picture is taken at Bumi Perkemahan Sibolangit, North Sumatera, Indonesia. At that time, I was having a photograph hunting with my friends. One of my friend said that this kind of tree could become more excellent picture when we make it to silhoutte. I got his idea, and make it. I'll tell him later :)



This picture is taken at Panton Harbour, Tanjung Balai, North Sumatera, Indonesia. I was having a holiday with my family. I was eager to take a trip to the water place (like beach, sea, or waterfall), then..we find this place ^^


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