Crazy Little Thing called: "ME"

Right then.
I come back!

Now, I really think that writing in blog is EXACTLY interesting!
*so excited, dude!

OK, in this section I wanna tell u some things that describe ME (which may be u haven't know yet after all). Yup! That's why I name this posting with Crazy Little Thing called: "ME". A little bit inspired by a movie tittle: Crazy Little Thing called Love. Hehe...

OK ,  here they are:
  • My name is Dewanty Ajeng Wiradita. FYI, in Indonesia "Ajeng " is the name of one of Women's hero. She is Raden Ajeng Kartini. U can know everything bout her by clicking that link :)
    "Dewanty" means a though heart. . ."Wira" means boyish, and "Dita" is the merging of my parent's last name---: SunarDI and TAvipianti
  • Love travelling! Ya, so far I've reached Thailand and Malaysia (abroad) and for domestic tourism I have reached Medan, Palembang, Lampung, Lahat, Bangka - Belitung (Parai beach was so GORGEOUS! It's a must tourism destination... :D), Jakarta and Bandung. Sabang for a few days later ^_^
  • I love be in Gramedia bookstore. It's a famous book store in Indonesia. Don't know exactly, but..ya, I love being there, even just for looking around (ck). Then the day after tomorrow I'm going to go to Gramedia SunPlaza to buy 'Manusia Setengah Salmon' by Raditya Dika. He's such a pioneer of blogging and writing books in Indonesia nowadays. I admire him :D


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